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OPW cushion manufacturers boost bottom line with Lectra’s newest airbag cutting solution, increasing productivity by up to 20%

Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, allows one-piece woven (OPW) airbag cushion manufacturers to significantly increase their productivity and positively impact their bottom line with the launch of its new FocusQuantum® OPW 3K laser airbag cutting solution.
Unveiled in December 2015 and already deployed by major automotive airbag cushion suppliers
worldwide, including Global Safety Textiles, Sumisho Airbag Systems, Kolon and HMT, Lectra’s groundbreaking
FocusQuantum OPW makes it possible to achieve quality nearing zero defects while lowering
per unit production cost. Thanks to Lectra’s ongoing R&D efforts and extensive experience gained on the
airbag cutting market—with more than three out of every five airbag cushions cut by Lectra equipment
worldwide—FocusQuantum OPW 3K is engineered to deliver even more value to manufacturers.
Laser cutting of airbag cushions is a precise operation that relies on automation to perfect production
techniques. Major hardware and software improvements built into Lectra’s FocusQuantum OPW 3K allow
airbag cushion suppliers to produce significantly higher output with zero compromise on the exacting
safety requirements imposed on these life-saving devices.
FocusQuantum OPW 3K comes equipped with a new, breakthrough feature called Dynamic Laser
Trajectory Management, which controls operation of the advanced cutting solution’s two 1.5 kW source
lasers. The new feature minimizes stops and slow-downs through on-the-fly cutting, automatically
optimizing concurrent operation of the two cutting heads. Smaller cuts like slits and holes can now be
executed 25% faster, contributing to an overall increase in cutting speed that accounts for up to 20%
greater productivity, leading to an approximately 15% reduction in cutting cost per bag.
Deployed in tandem with advanced cutting preparation software FocusQuantum Suite, FocusQuantum
OPW 3K enables manufacturers to adapt laser cutting action to fabric distortions in real time using
Lectra’s SmartCutting technology, ensuring the highest quality while opening the door to material savings.
“Light vehicle production is set to reach 108 million units worldwide annually in the next 10 years, with an
average of four airbags per vehicle,” remarks Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and
Communications Officer, Lectra. “Most of this growth will come from emerging markets, which are
beginning to phase in side-impact protection as mandatory. Growing global demand for OPW airbags will
make it crucial for airbag cushion suppliers to deploy the production capability necessary to remain



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